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Lobby Carpets

How to save your family heirloom from further damage?

A luxury carpet is nothing short of your most valued possession, the very birthright of your successive generations. A handmade silk or Oriental rug is a priceless piece to be treasured for generations! Continue reading

Rugs for home Theatre

Concrete versus dirt floor

Basement can be a huge challenge if it does not have proper concrete flooring. It needs to be remodeled with a concrete floor or entirely covered with a waterproof material like a plastic tarp to reduce water vapor from the moist ground underneath the soil. Continue reading

Award Winning Carpet Designer of Handmade Carpets & Rugs from India

Seek help from the experts

Buying carpets might be simple but maintaining them is not, they need constant care and protection from heat, stains, moths, termites etc. Continue reading

Superiority of oriental rugs

Quality oriental rugs claimed to be high end rugs fetch a steep price than roughly knotted ones, but only for the reason that the yarn is of excellent quality and the procedure is quite tedious and time consuming. Continue reading