5 traditional carpet makeover tips for your living room

‘All the patterns should yell volume.’

Now that you have already finalized the furniture selection which includes a comfy and a spacious couch, and a mini table to match the companionship. You’re all set to find the perfect match that will complement just like it’s a match made in heaven! Rev up your living room with a traditional outfit, i.e., the carpet.

Let’s pull it together and create a beautiful space in a nutshell. A beautiful rug that will accentuate your entire room and fetch all the color tones together. We have rounded a few tips that you can do for your next makeover!

  1. Sea-Inspired

carpets for living room

Create a beach inspo look for the modest living room of your dreams! You can put some fun elements like a side lamp to pull the art ensemble in an ocean vibe. Pick some accent colors like the underwater shades of ‘blue’.

  1. For the Boho soul

rugs for living room

A polished gold couch works best with the bohemian carpet. Invest in a couple of antique pieces that can dwell fine with the whole interiors of the space. Try mixing with the contemporary draperies to add a touch of wilderness.

  1. White-on-White Trend

living room rugs

Go for the luxe accents for the decoration. The white color is surreal and evergreen! The white-on-white trend has been keeping up with the Cosmo trends for a couple of years now. The neutral look works the best when you want to add other quirky objects.

  1. Floral Fantasy

Do you like all things floral? Amplify your living room with upholstery in soft hues or the pastels. The subtle mix of florals with the right nickel décor will bring out the much-needed oomph factor!

  1. Love of geometric figures

We are sure that you love playing with timeless styles. Subtle styles can work the best with contemporary rugs. Add a leather sofa to make the look ‘n’ feel more appealing.

Let us know in the comments down below, which #CarpetTrend is your favorite? These swoon-worthy rugs are sure to give that signature statement in your living room!

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