A masterpiece from Carpet Couture

Carpet Couture is a women-owned brand and we are specialized in manufacturing handmade carpets. We have a team of skilled artisans whose skills have been passed on from the generations. Our every carpet is the epitome of high-quality and authentic design. We have a wide range of carpets and rugs that comes in exotic and muted color tones. You can also get the carpet customized according to your needs where you will be telling us right from which material to be used to which design you want in your carpet. We are the master when it comes to producing a hand-knotted or hand-tufted carpet showcasing your own design on it.

You don’t believe us? Allow us to introduce you to a few of the masterpieces especially designed for our clients.

  1. A Hand-knotted tapestry:

This masterpiece was designed and manufactured on a special request from one of our clients. This hand-knotted tapestry portrays “Shivaji- The Great Maratha”.

The carpet is completely handmade and manufactured using wool and bamboo silk. The combination of wool and bamboo silk makes this masterpiece soft and durable. Every detail has been carved with intricacy showcasing the traditional look of “Darbar- court” in this work of art.

  1. Wall showpiece:

Our second masterpiece includes a wall showpiece which is a combination of wooden handicraft and hand-knotted carpet. This beautiful piece of art is made up of soft textured fibers that can be felt with every touch and a wooden floral board adds to its beauty making it a magical piece to be installed in your bedrooms, dining area, or living rooms.

  1. Another magnum opus:

This installation reflects a combination of the handcrafted panel with a hand-knotted carpet. Teak wood has been used to carve the paneling of Lord Ganesha. A superb and intricate installation perfect for your bedrooms and living rooms.

Carpets for us is an emotion and we portray it in every carpet and rug we manufacture. Want your customized carpet?

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