Advantages of stair runners

All the 90s kids have grown up watching the blockbuster ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’ have fallen in love with the extravagant and lavish weddings, the sensational songs and felt emotional towards the end. But what people can’t forget is the house they lived in and as children, we dreamt of living in a house exactly like it. As we grew up we started picking out the things that drew us towards the house, any sort of inspiration from the movie that we could use. What struck me the most was the chandelier from the song ‘didi tera dewar deewana’ and the grand staircase that leads to the demise of the actress.

Ever since then I have felt a fascination towards staircases and have wanted a house with one. In which case, a stair runner is a classic, yet creative solution when it comes to having one at your home. And for that, we need to choose the suitable flooring for the stairs. Walking through the hallways, the first thing that your guests will notice is your stairway if you have one, which is why it is essential to get the design, material and fit of the flooring just right.

Now you must be wondering what it is that we should do with the flooring; keep it wooden or go carpet-free. It also depends on the type of stair set that you have- straight, curved or spiral. To help you make up your mind, here are a few advantages of having a stair runner apart from their aesthetic appeal.

  1. Comfort

Bare wooden flooring may seem like a great option for summers but when it comes to winters, stair runners are the way to go. They provide insulation and keep our toes warm. Also, they deliver comfort by providing cushion to the wooden floors.

  1. Safety

When you have hyperactive children who love to jump around, it becomes necessary to ensure that they do not hurt themselves while doing so especially when it comes to playing near the staircase. Stair runners keep stairs safe and mitigate the chances of anyone slipping or falling down, and avoiding any injuries.

  1. Durability

Staircases start to look worn out after a few years- with scruff marks and scratches. Carpet runners are a good way to make sure that your stairs are protected from any damage. Also they are easier to clean; you can sweep them or vacuum them. They are also easier to replace if there is a tear or any damage to it.

  1. Décor

Stair runners also add an appeal to an otherwise plain, wooden staircase. You can choose from a variety of colours and textures depending on the colour scheme of your walls.

  1. Noise reduction

Sometimes, we need peace and quiet at home but the constant movement of people, rushing up and down the stairs makes it impossible. In this case, carpet runners help in reducing noise made by them. They are good absorbers of sound and can reduce noise to a minimal level.

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