Are Persian carpets making a comeback?

Persian rugs, considered as antique rugs are those large rugs which were made during modern Iranian days (and should be 80 years old). The rugs have hidden stories to tell. The ancient tradition of carpet weaving, passed down from ages to new generations were transported across the cultures. Everything of a Persian carpet from flowers, geometric designs to shape and colour; all carry deep meaning. The geometric figures and motifs were believed to protect the owner of the Persian rug from misfortune.

Persian rugs, woven before 1920’s, represent wide range of patterns and styles and were influenced by semi-nomadic tribes and were established by Safavid and Mughal empires. No modern rugs can compete with the appeal and decoration of a Persian carpet. Various designs developed and maintained by the weavers in one city took the whole world in awe. Every Persian carpet has a proper balance of beautiful colours, rich botanical figures and embellishments. These unique piece of art were made using natural dyes and silk/wool/cotton yarn. Even today, Persian carpets are known for their durability, beautiful textures and vibrant colours.

Persian carpets are making a comeback. Today itself they are made in their old traditional ways. Although these carpets are considered to be vintage but the todays oriental carpets are hand knotted and are mixed with modern Scandinavian and bohemian designs. The modern carpets have everything needed by a modern interior but synthetically produced colours and yarn cannot compete with the quality of Persian carpets. Machines can’t give that strength and density to the knots. But the fact is skilled knitters are rare to find. This is making people to shift towards modern carpets with Persian touch.

Let us understand about some traditional Persian rugs which are given a modern twist and are loved by today’s people.

  • Isfahan: Isfahan is considered to be one of the centres of Persian carpets. They are of highest quality as they are made of soft wool from sheep or silk. These makes the finest Iranian carpets with up to million knots per square meter.
  • Kilim: These carpets were traditionally used for curtains or wall decorations. These are relatively cheap and are widely used by people.
  • Patchwork: These carpets are made from old pieces of oriental carpets. Each carpet is different and forms a single piece in itself.
  • Damask: This term comes from Damascus, an Arabian city. Usually made of silk or fine cloth, these have different and unique patterns.
  • Kashan: Kashan is another centre for knitting of Persian carpets. Located in the centre of Iran, this place is producing highest quality carpets since 16th These hand knotted carpets are famous for their red background with blue and beige frames.

With increasing interest in interior décor, the price of Persian rugs are escalating while there numbers are decreasing. While considering a beautiful flooring for your room, these exclusive carpets should be kept on the higher side of the list when you want a rug in your budget but it’s not needful to say that these work of art adds on to a different beauty to the room.

Have your ever seen a Persian carpet and felt its touch? Share your experience with us in comment section.

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