Residential Carpets more vibrant looking than the commercial ones

Are Residential Carpets more vibrant looking than the commercial ones?

One of the best areas to see the dissimilarity between commercial and residential carpets is to look at their colours apart from their weave, usage type and footfall scale. For residential flooring, lively colours, style and comfort often take precedence over other factors. So, you will usually find residential rugs to be more colourful and offer more comfortable options. They are known to have a thicker padding too, making residential carpets a convenient place for family to spend time.

On the contrary, Commercial carpets have an entirely different set of decision making factors. They can be small or large rugs depending on the requirement. Besides rendering a feel of sophistication these modern rugs for commercial spaces are focused principally on resilience and cost-cutting measures, commercial carpeting is produced to be a sound investment that will last for a fairly longer period and sustain higher level of foot traffic while maintaining its appearance.  By and large, they are less pricey and come in an array of different sizes, and can be easily customized for large spaces.

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