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Are Soft furnishings a strong design vehicle?

Carpet is undeniably a strong medium for building a distinctive design expression in any space, be it in the foyer/ lobby area or hallway, staircase, bedroom, lounge, café or even a hotel room. You can see the stark difference between bare flooring and the magical appeal of a gorgeously carpeted room. The transformation is just incredible! If you talk about the modern rugs, they are available in a myriad of styles in terms of designs, colors, yarn etc. It is critical to select the right carpet that will enhance the aesthetic appeal and comfort of your home. When we pick a carpet there will always be a variety of designs and colors which are striking to you. Now that’s about the aesthetics, however when we consider aspects like climate, health factors and durability offered, the purchase of a rug then also embraces other factors like the rug pile, backing, raw materials the rug is made from and the quality of the carpet. So when you plan to do a home makeover, donot let your fancies override the practical aspects and be more discerning.

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