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Are you considering Comfort in your Bathroom?

Bathroom carpets as a concept have time and again polarized the judgment of the end consumer. A lot of homeowners dread the aftermath of carpeting their private nooks while many others admire and indulge in the sheer lavishness and extravagance it carries. One of the most apparent and pleasurable benefits of a well carpeted restroom is the comfort feature. It’s a wonderful feel when you step out from your shower pit and dig your feet into a squashy, warm carpet, its nothing short of luxury!

The catch-22 situation: But you must be careful before you carpet your bathroom. Over a period of time moulds and other bacterial growth might develop if the carpet is not kept dry. Various antimicrobial treatments are available in the market to combat this issue. Proper ventilation in the washroom also helps to keep the moisture out.

Also make sure that you purchase waterproof padding to minimize water exposure and resultant damage. In addition, choose a stain proof rug that can sustain the rigours of heavy traffic.

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