Are you geared up to tackle Carpet stains?

Carpets get soiled no matter how hard you may try to protect them. It’s a tough challenge to keep your favorite rug squeaky clean and free from stains, however, you can combat the issue by adopting simple natural cleaning methods using stuff picked from your kitchen shelf, simple gadgets/tools and techniques.

It becomes all the more difficult if your floor furnishings are constantly exposed to high traffic, pets and with small children around. Pesky stains can be quite annoying and painful to get rid of if not treated in due time and in the proper way. Follow the under mentioned tips to give a new life to your rugs:

  1. Regular Vacuum: to get rid of dust, sand is a must. You can stick to weekend routine or choose another day to vacuum your rug.
  2. Iron away the stains: Its simple and quick, all you need is an iron/ steam iron, vinegar and water. Make a solution of vinegar and water in 1:2 ratio and put it in a spray bottle and spray it on the stain. Place a piece of clean cloth on the area and iron it for a minute or so. You can use the same solution in your steam cleaner. The results make the exercise worthwhile!
  3. Make your very own Carpet stain remover cum freshener: to spruce up your favourite centerpiece. Use a mixture of baking soda about 200gms, 2 tea spoons of your favourite essential oil and 100 gms of borax powder to repel fleas. Just sprinkle this mixture on your carpet, allow it to settle into the carpet and after an hour or so, simply vacuum it.

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