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Banana Silk

The Banana tree not only bears the scrumptious fruit but also provides the rich fibre popularly termed as banana fibre which has a low density, suitable stiffness and sheen. Moreover, it is biodegradable.Just about all the varieties of banana tree can yield this wonderful fibre in abundance. It grows pretty well in hot tropical climates of Asian countries. These strong banana fibres are classified as bast fibres as they are obtained from the inner bark of the tree called as the phloem right after the fruits have been plucked from the tree. As the name suggests, banana silk is made from the inner layers of banana tree’s trunk and leaves and not from the real fruit or peel. The banana fibre has a distinctive sheen thus create a silky-smooth and lustrous look. Banana silk can be combined with wool to craft top quality hand knotted rugs that are resilient and vibrant. Banana silk fibre is heavier than the woollen fibre and has the same look, though it is not as refines as pure silk fibre. Also, Banana fibre being a natural plant by product is principally eco friendly and reasonably priced as compared to silk. Banana silk is used for making apparels, curtains, bags and offcourse rugs. Banana silk has gained popularity because of its affordability, silk like lustre and strength.

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