Best Outdoor Rugs for Summer

Summers have arrived. You cannot stop the heat waves but what you can do is enjoy a cool drink being in your cozy home environment. While we are always focused on decorating our indoors we often neglect outdoor space. Styling our homes in summer, whether indoor or outdoor is a bit different from winters. It is more about bringing the warmth inside while not actually experiencing it.

We all love enjoying evenings in the summer. Being in the garden or near a swimming pool, we do everything to keep ourselves cool. You can add more joy to the evenings by putting the right carpet in your outdoor space. We would suggest you find inspiration from nature. Outdoor areas transform completely when decorated with natural-toned rugs or carpets. If you want to know how you can furnish your outdoor spaces, this article will help you.

  1. Jute rugs serve the best: If you desire to enjoy the earthy feeling, and want to buy natural outdoor rugs, jute rugs are just the unique options. Do you know why, because:
  • These are made from natural fibers.
  • They are convenient to maintain.
  • Fibers are coarse, thus can absorb moisture easily.
  • Sustainable and lightweight.


  1. Garnish your out space with hand-knotted rugs: Hand-knotted rugs are another best option if you are looking for a handmade rug. They keep that natural feeling alive. Reasons to choose a hand-knotted rug are:
  • Their knot density makes them durable.
  • Comes in unique designs and colors.
  • Vast choice of fabrics available.
  • Easy to maintain

You can find several varieties of hand-knotted rugs in silk, wool as well as cotton.

  1. Polypropylene rugs are a big yes: Rugs made out of polypropylene, a synthetic material are also on our list because:
  • They give a natural look.
  • Are eco-friendly and durable.
  • Stain-resistant and do not have any effect of sunlight.
  • Simple wash is enough to get that dirt out.
  • Affordable while adding to the luxury.


  1. Runner rug will also do the magic: If you think that runner rugs are only for the hallways or stairs, then you do not know their magic yet. When it comes to decorating an outdoor space, runner rugs transform the look of the space totally. For instance, you can place runners in your garden entry space or in the swimming pool area. These areas are where the chances of slip-overs are more. Runners can reduce those too.


  1. Think of something lightweight: To put it simply, outdoor areas experience a lot of traffic due to which carpets need regular cleaning. A flatweave rug will solve this purpose. These lightweight rugs are durable and do not cost much. These can be easily maintained and used even by reversing as they do not have a pile height.


This summer, spread the warmth with our collection of beautiful carpets and rugs. Carpet Couture by Rashi is a one-stop solution for all your carpet-related needs. Furnish your outdoor spaces with our super cool rugs.

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