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Bohemian living room rug ideas

“Your home should craft a story of who you are and be a collection of what you love.”

Bohemian living screams comfort. With an array of colours and eclectic furnishings with green plants, it becomes a cosy space for all of you! There are plenty of examples of patterns that we are going to list down for a bohemian soul.

  1. Colours & More Colours

Follow from our broad range of shades and different hues. The perfect match of different colours will swipe with the porch in a smooth way! You can also experiment with the bold colour tones, which goes well with the white background. A little embellishment for the décor will make it look luxurious and exquisite.

  1. Create your own dreamy space

If you are someone who likes to mix and match with different colours and patterns. The bold pallete will combine all the hues and create a romantic space just like you wanted it – WHIMSICAL!

  1. Earthly tones

Did you know? One should invest in plantation inside the room as it increases productivity and gives a fresh feel. You can use rugs have earthly textures, and darker tones will also soothe well while giving eco-friendly vibes!

  1. Pastel colours can add limelight!

Going back to ’90s where the sofa matches the chair, and the fresh pastel rug is the icing on the cake! Just too good. It will give all the bohemian vibes without having a sense of cliché. The minimal boho elements can attract the natural texture of the entire space!

  1. Peppy patterns

Layering is not just in fashion but can also be indulged in interiors! The soft fabrics with lively designs on the rugs can show for a vibrant hue.

living room rugs modern

Create your boho space in every nook and corner. Add fun, quirky elements along with your rug. Give your room a cosy vibe with Carpet Couture.

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