Broadloom vs. Carpet tiles

Broadloom vs. Carpet tiles

The two principal types of carpets one can opt for covering their space are Roll/ Broadloom carpets and Carpet squares/ tiles. Broadloom carpets as the name suggests are woven on a broad loom. These traditional large carpets are available in standard outsized rolls, typically more than 12 feet broad, and are placed on a carpet pad that rests on your flooring base.

Installers set them up them by lining up big sections together and cutting a few of them, together with the underlying carpet pad, as per the exact size of the space to be covered.

Carpet squares, also called carpet squares are available in small squares or other shapes with their respective backings and work as custom area rugs. They are tediously installed one at a time and made to sit directly on the base. The installation requires nominal trimming, just cutting few tiles, where ever needed.

The development of residential carpet tiles and squares introduced the facility to utilize carpet tiles in practically every nook and corner of the residences or commercial spaces making them more flexible in use than their counterpart which are much broader in size.

Broadloom carpets create a distinctive, wall-to-wall pattern; while carpet tiles are installed to form a staggered, textured pattern.

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