Lobby Carpets

Can your lobby area add to the Curb appeal?

Absolutely yes! Well it’s not very surprising to know that an attractive lobby/ foyer area is the cooperative and a high rise condo adaptation of Curb appeal.. An eye catching lobby adds to the pleasant appearance and charisma of a property for sale and its setting when viewed from the boulevard. A lobby gives the foremost impression of the construction and therefore should be really gracious and welcoming..

Rich décor especially elegant lobby carpets, rich drapes and gorgeous fresh flowers are more than just bells and whistles! A rundown lobby will only reject buyers of high end properties. The appearance of the lobby is a picky issue for people keen to purchase high-end buildings. The residents cross this very lobby area when they leave in the morning and come back after the sundown and therefore it’s vital that it conveys an inviting feel. Beautiful high end rugs not only add appeal but also functionality to the lobby area, be it in a hotel or any other space.

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