Care instructions for handmade carpets

Care instructions for handmade carpets

Taking care of carpets does not require any technical knowledge neither it is a big challenge. You only have to learn some basics and you can keep colour and texture of your premium carpets intact. Here you will know how you can take care of your handmade carpets easily.

  1. Use vacuum cleaner: Cleaning a carpet is very easy with a vacuum cleaner and you should do it as often as you clean your home. This way you don’t have to get it cleaned professionally. But you have to take care of one thing while using vacuum cleaner. Never ever use a beater bar of vacuum cleaner when cleaning a fine carpet. It creates suction effect and scrape the carpet especially in the wool carpets.
  2. Avoid spills: You should avoid spills but what to do when they happen. Use a paper towel to blot them and then spray water on the affected area and wipe it again. You can also use white vinegar or soda in case of pet urine. It manages bad odour.
  3. Rotate it periodically: Rotating the carpet let it fade evenly and prevents it from wearing at the same place. This adds life to the carpet.
  4. Clean: It is advised to wash the carpets with cleaner specialized for carpet cleaning. Avoid dry cleaning or steam cleaning.
  5. Using underlay: Using underlay minimizes the wear and tear of the carpet. It keeps the carpet fixed in place while providing extra security to it. Though our carpets also come with anti skid backing.
  6. Repair: Damages in a handmade carpet can be easily repaired. There are specialist who can restore the colour, repair small holes and damages along the sides of the carpet.

Follow these simple instructions and keep your luxury carpets in a good condition.

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