Broadloom carpet

Carpet Backing

Carpet construction is one of the most significant factors that establishes the performance of your carpet. Other important factors are type of fibre used, the backing , pile density, height, dyes used, finishing etc. All carpets have some type of backing arrangement which helps keeps their tufts together in place. Backings are made from multiple resources and might also come with different kinds of protective treatments against microbes and stains or favourable properties such as anti-static.

The process and chemical substances used to make these backings is decided by the performance needs of the backing and the carpet type and quality. The judgement is based upon the manufacturer’s suggestions. It is important to keep the performance factor in mind, particularly important for challenging environments and weather conditions. It’s significant that the expert identifies the top priority requirements in terms of performance, deterioration, heat and humidity resistance, foot traffic. The manufacturers’ end use suggestions help establish which merchandise will meet the identified needs.

Carpet backing systems normally comprises of a primary backing and a chemical bonding agent. Often, a secondary backing is incorporated. The backing that we are able to on the flipside of the carpet is actually the secondary backing holds the carpet fibres between the primary and secondary backing by means of a latex adhesive. The tightness of the latex glue holds the backings together. In case the latex gives away, the two backings detach from each other.  So it’s advisable to go for a high quality bonding agent, to ensure a long lasting carpet installation.

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