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Carpet Couture by Rashi

Furnishing tips for cold and dark rooms

Woollen carpets add a sense of warmth to cold interiors, and if your accommodation has abundant sun light it make the inmates feel warm psychologically. Basements can be a challenge when it comes to coping with cold and humid conditions or floods and humidity. Continue reading

Broadloom carpet

Bathroom tile flooring vs Carpet flooring

Doesn’t matter what one’s stance is on washroom carpets, there are both advantages and disadvantages of furnishing your private space. You need to weigh the pros and cons for its use. It works differently for different people depending on their needs and limitations. Continue reading

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Are you considering Comfort in your Bathroom?

Bathroom carpets as a concept have time and again polarized the judgment of the end consumer. A lot of homeowners dread the aftermath of carpeting their private nooks while many others admire and indulge in the sheer lavishness and extravagance it carries. Continue reading

Residential Carpets more vibrant looking than the commercial ones

Are Residential Carpets more vibrant looking than the commercial ones?

One of the best areas to see the dissimilarity between commercial and residential carpets is to look at their colours apart from their weave, usage type and footfall scale. For residential flooring, lively colours, style and comfort often take precedence over other factors. Continue reading

Lobby Carpets

Can your lobby area add to the Curb appeal?

Absolutely yes! Well it’s not very surprising to know that an attractive lobby/ foyer area is the cooperative and a high rise condo adaptation of Curb appeal.. An eye catching lobby adds to the pleasant appearance and charisma of a property for sale and its setting when viewed from the boulevard. A lobby gives the foremost impression of the construction and therefore should be really gracious and welcoming.. Continue reading