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Choosing the right color for carpets

Got your wall painted, bought new furniture and changed everything but still it looks like something is missing. Is it so? Well, that missing thing is a beautiful coloured carpet. A colourful rug is all you need to liven up your place. Be it your home, office or hotel, a vibrant coloured carpet adds on to the beauty of that area.

Ideally, the colour of your carpet should match with the colour of your wall as well as your furniture. But contrast colours are in the trend. Here are some tips to choose the right colour for your carpet.

  1. Choose according to theme: Picking up a themed coloured is important. If you have light coloured walls then colour with cool essence such as grey looks nice. If you have warm walls, stick with beige, cream or light pink, etc. You can also select a combination of both such as taupe which goes well both with warm and cool coloured themes.
  2. Contrast has become a trend: Choosing a contrast colour doesn’t mean that you have to pick a brown coloured carpet with grey coloured walls rather you should pick a carpet colour that coordinates well with the home and falls in the same colour family. For instance, if you have light blue coloured walls, then a combination of off white and grey will make a best carpet.
  3. Choosing light/ dark colours: Light and dark colours have their own advantage in case of carpets. Light coloured carpet makes room appear large and are perfect for small space. Dark colours hide dirt and spills. That is why people generally go with dark colours while choosing rugs for kids room.
  4. Neutral colours with subtle designs: Neutral colours elevates the appearance of other elements in the room. If your walls are of light blue colour and you choose a dark coloured carpet with fancy design, it will overpower the look of your room. That’s why choosing neutral colour with subtle designs are preferred in luxury rugs.

Once you are clear with the colour combination, look for the material too. Do not decide colours for the carpet in hustle. Connect with us if you need more assistance.

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