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Concrete versus dirt floor

Basement can be a huge challenge if it does not have proper concrete flooring. It needs to be remodeled with a concrete floor or entirely covered with a waterproof material like a plastic tarp to reduce water vapor from the moist ground underneath the soil. Set up a vapor barrier over a dirt floor to obstruct moisture and creepy-crawly bugs from entering the basement rooms. The new foundation is a safe and economical bet.

If you spot any water stains on the walls, ensure you get an expert’s help to check for any water seepage, leaks etc. and get it eliminated on an urgent basis. Use powerful exhaust fans in kitchens and washrooms to minimize humidity. Throughout the hot, humid climate, using a dehumidifier in your basement helps to reduce water from condensing on the indoor walls.

Whatever maybe the cause- a weather provoked flooding, or a ruptured pipe, or a sump pump crisis, a humid or yet worse – a wet basement, with water soaked rugs or furnishings can create a big nuisance. Such damage needs immediate attention. Inspect your carpet thoroughly on both sides. Dampness is a menace for indoor furnishings, it can be a breeding ground for termites, molds or fungal growths, the wet carpets need to be pulled out of the room and dried in open air, exposed to sunlight. Also furniture needs to be removed, and but off course the principal cause of the humidity issue needs to be addressed.

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