Handmade rugs

Delicate decor ensemble with handmade rugs by the artisans

India is the land of handicrafts. We may have evolved in medicine, law and technology, but our ancestors mastered the art of handicraft ages ago. Across the country, you will find artisans beautifully preserving the Indian culture by still running small scale traditional businesses. From puppet making to sari weaving and marble painting to carpet making, these artisans are our unsung heroes and it’s time to bring them back in the spotlight.

Carpet making is a timeless tradition in India and is made from 100% natural resources. Raw silk, banana silk, wool and cotton to name a few. These artisans hand weave the carpets and the finished product is splendid. These superbly constructed carpets are amazingly durable and at the same time extremely comfortable. They are luxurious and elegant ready to make your home look royal.

The variety in carpets will surprise you. The artisans offer numerous designs and materials. There are cotton, woollen, jute, bamboo, coir and silk carpets with designs from different eras. Mughal style carpets were one of the first designs in India since carpet making was brought to India during the time of Akbar. Emperor Jehangir was very fond of floral designs and so the early Indian artisans took inspiration from his love for floral designs and incorporated them into the design of the carpet.

Artisans repeat the dyeing process multiple times to produce the correct shade. These shades are so intense that they almost look glazed. The typical Indian carpet will be red combined with shades of red. Against the reds, a lot of yellow, orange and brown are used to complete the design. These carpets will usually be pricey since it represents the regal period of the 16th and 17th centuries.

Floral and village life depiction were the most common types of Indian carpets. With modernity, our artisans evolved and introduced more subtle shades and designs. Today, we have carpets that have geometric designs, ethnic designs, fusion art and elegant designs inspired by the west as well. Sober colours are being used to match the taste of different cultures. The colours and patterns of the new designs are unique and delicate that will make any home look regal.

Apart from the craftsmanship being of excellent taste, the quality is just as good. Luxury, comfort and durability is what the artisans provide through these carpets. Since they are made from natural and renewable resources, they are sustainable and recyclable. They are long lasting which means you have your money’s worth for years to come. Also, the customer’s needs come first which is why the quality is such that the carpets won’t fade and ruin the beauty of the home. You don’t have to worry about the fibre getting loose, moisture getting absorbed or that cleaning it will be worrisome. It is moisture resistant, easy to clean and made from the best quality material. All you have to do is decorate your home with it and marvel at the beauty it adds to your life.

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