Designer flatweave rugs to style your home this summer

Flatweave rugs are in the trend of modern décor and serve as the best carpets when you are looking for instant renovation options. They are known for the trendiest and retro-style they offer to the area they are placed. Flatweave rugs are thin, lightweight, and reversible.

Flatweave rugs offer layering to your existing floor which means you do not have to renovate the whole floor, placing a flatweave rug will solve the purpose. Let’s understand more about these rugs in detail.

What is a flatweave rug?

Flatweave rugs are made by weaving the fibers in a vertical and horizontal way which means they do not have knots. Because they do not have knot density they are lightweight and have a no pile construction. This is the reason they serve as the alternative to hard flooring.

Flatweave rugs go well with natural fiber rugs. These carpets or rugs are affordable and are manufactured using wool, cotton as well as silk.

Features of flatweave rugs:

  • They are weightless thus moving them to any area is not a tedious task.
  • Flatweave rugs have the quality of elasticity and thus can easily be rolled for carrying purposes.
  • They are super easy to handle when it comes to cleaning. They do not require professional cleaning all the time. A simple vacuuming will make your rug look new which makes them a good option for high traffic areas.
  • Due to their flat attribute, flatweave rugs can be used to decorate living areas as well as doormats.

Whether you have a hard floor or do not want to renovate the old floor, flatweaves are the best choice. Explore our flatweave rugs collection at

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