Award Winning Carpet Designer of Handmade Carpets & Rugs from India

Dexterity of Tibetan Weavers

The Tibetan rugs are designed and hand crafted by seasoned weavers employed by the Handmade carpet manufacturers. These skilful weavers are indisputably creative in their own right and in all fairness are well compensated for their work, and are widely accredited for their talent. Interestingly, yet, their identity is restricted to their very own circle of rug makers. These weavers provide carpets in different categories depending on the number of knots varying from 60 to 100 or more. The more the better to render elaborate patterns. The Tibetan wool is used to produce the higher knot carpets. The lower knot carpets are made with blended wools – Tibetan wool and New Zealand wool which are more colourful.

The size of the carpet is the deciding factor for the number of weavers. Their number varies from one to five.

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