Did you deal with the moisture issues in your basement before carpeting it?

Homeowners need to address moisture problems like seepage etc in their basement before buying any rugs- large or small. However, large rugs or rather wall to wall ones are amongst the most budget friendly and easiest to install options for basement flooring. You need not go for high end rugs, in case you are on a shoestring budget. Modern rugs come in a lot of varieties and can also be customized as per the client’s needs or specifications.

Carpets come really handy for covering cold floors especially if they are low grade/ uneven or spotty. But not to forget that it’s a mandate that whenever you clad your basement floor, ensure you do a thorough inspection, test the humidity level and treat the dampness issue before embarking on a remodeling project. That is because dampness can be a menace to your house, furniture, soft furnishings. It can cause termite and tear down your wooden furniture etc. It can time and again pop up from the neighboring earth soil, enter the basement concrete flooring, and cause a lot of inconvenience and potential harm over a period of time. Not only that, dampness can also knock down the temperature of your room by a couple of degrees and make it really chilly and smelly. Placing a dehumidifier and a powerful exhaust also offers a lot of relief.

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