Carpet Couture by Rashi

Did you forget to appropriately clad your basement flooring?

Doing your Basement floor is vital for not just giving it the finished look but also for structural stability; unfortunately not many homeowners give it a serious thought.

So think again, when you take up your basement remodeling project! Starting with the structural designs, wall finish, whitewash etc and then pay due attention to the soft furnishings. Perceptibly, the basement flooring is de facto a big deal, a lot of factors come in play..budget, aesthetics, the health conditions of your basement( humidity, mildew etc.) A wrong choice in case of rugs can be a big pain and cost you a lot of damage/financial loss. Well, carpet squares and tiles work best for basements. Carpet tiles come with durable backing which can withstand moisture, mold etc. Even better, carpet squares are more resistant to foot traffic and easier to repair incase of any minor or major damage.

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