Difference between Carpets and Rugs

Both a rug and a carpet are a piece of thick cloth woven using organic fibers such as silk, wool, jute or cotton or by using synthetic materials such as nylon or propylene. Both of them are used to cover and decorate the floor. People often use the term rugs and carpets in the same sense but technically they are a lot different from each other.

While choosing the best floor covering for your area you need to be clear whether you need a rug or a carpet. We have distinguished both of them in a very simple way to make you understand. Give it a read and find out where you were wrong all this time.

Category Rug Carpet
Definition Area rug is a floor covering made up of woven material that does not cover the whole floor. A carpet is a floor covering made up of thick woven material and is used as wall to wall floor covering, secured with tape or glue.
Size Rugs are small (usually not exceed 2 m in length). Carpets are large (usually cover the whole floor).
Wall decoration Rugs can be used to decorate walls. Carpets are not used to decorate walls.
Specification Multi-functional, thin and lightweight. Used only for floors, thick and heavy.
Cleaning Easy to clean. Cannot be cleaned/ washed frequently.
Use cases Door mat, wall hangings, etc. Second flooring, stair covering, etc.

Thus, a rug and a carpet are used as floor covering but are not identical twins. We hope that the above differentiation will help you to make the right decision on choosing a floor covering.

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