“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky.in the streets, fashion has to do with ides the way we live, what is happening.” by Coco Chanel.

Fashions have moved into our daily lives and entered our homes from ever evolving furniture to floors.

Carpet Couture brings us a fashionable take on carpets, here with its latest on what’s trending…



Neutral favourite has been Grey, a staple colour with its neutral tone and ability to work in different rooms creating an overall chic decor.

But bold colours are making a comeback using greys as a back drop to bounce off, deep blues or greens create a luxurious atmosphere. Don’t shy away from using these bold colours by themselves, playing with various shades of the colour to bring a vibrancy to any home corner.

The latest popular trend in hair fashion has reached our homes and our carpets, creating multi coloured environments, the Ombre look in definitely in trend from clothes to cushions and even carpets. This style especially is suited to rooms with less furniture, showing off your beautiful carpets, wouldn’t you want to?


While Plush carpets are still favoured in bedrooms where softness is essential, whilst rougher textures are adorned by areas of the home which receive heavy foot traffic, such as hallways or stairs. However this year, rougher textures spreading wider throughout the home shouldn’t come as a surprise, particularly in living & dining rooms where durability is needed. Stains are less noticeable in rough textured piles which is a great benefit if you have children or pets.


While Patterned carpets still remain in vogue, gone are the days of elaborate and complex designs. Geometric shapes, abstract patterns in calmer muted tones, so they won’t clash with the other furnishing in the room. Looking great in hallways or stairs and landing area creating a flowing warm and inviting feeling through the home.



A major rising trend, is modular flooring, a creation of carpet planks/carpet tiles in various sizes offers endless possibilities Although wider planks were seen in commercial projects, it is now spreading into homes.

Carpet planks work well, for creating a focal point for a space or dividing areas in an open plan. With the variety of colours available, the creating of patterns and designs is limitless

Customized carpets:

Personalisation of almost all commodities is a trend brought on by the millennials, making carpets no exception.

Carpet couture customizations turn humble rugs into works of art reflecting your personality, style and taste with its handmade innovative designs, hand spun silks that turns mere carpets into pieces that resembles a canvas painting, rugs that lavishly fit to adorned your walls.

Embellishments from the luxury range, showcase Austrian Swarovski crystals creating pieces unique and timeless. No longer will the carpet remain just floor covering, with our designs & innovations are turning them into ornamental pieces.

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