Feel the luxury beneath your feet at the rare boutique hotels in the UAE

UAE is the land of luxury. If there’s one place that knows how to live up to the latest trends and own the newest styles, it’s the UAE. They have always had great taste in home décor and are willing to explore. When it comes to carpets, there’s a variety across the globe. From Persian carpets to Turkish carpets and Victorian to Indian carpets, we’re spoilt for choice. In the past few years, many prestigious names in the hospitality industry across the UAE have chosen Carpet Couture because of its elegant look, royal feel and the remarkable quality.

Damac Properties in Dubai sells luxury villas and needed to showcase extravagant home décor in this high-stake game. What better than the contemporary designs of Carpet Couture? The waterfront bay at Doha is one of the prime sightseeing spots in the city. Our carpets are not only a floor piece there but a symbol of Indian art, tradition and globalisation. The Intercontinental in Muscat is a hotel that houses modern architecture and vintage décor. The 21st century furniture and exterior blends in perfectly with the 16th century designs thereby sending out a beautiful message that tradition and modernity are a perfect fit. The restaurants have the Indian floral design, the reception area is adorned with our fusion carpets holding abstract designs and the suites are elegantly decorated with a mix of geometric, floral and fusion depending on the grade of the room. Since corporate events and weddings are held in the ballrooms, it was only correct for the carpets there to be subtle and tasteful.

Hotel Hatta Fort is another luxury hotel located in the mountains in Dubai. Here, the selection of carpets was a little adventurous with abstract designs and sober shades. When you’re living in the wild among nature, the natural beauty is so exotic that you only need sober décor in the living space. The Aloft Hotels in Dubai have very artsy interiors and so the carpets are fusion colours depicting modern art and freedom. Vibrant paintings are displayed all across the space and the carpets are chosen to blend in with the rest of the décor. The Al Baleed Resort in Oman is a masterpiece with pool villas, exquisite views of the desert and adventurous activities organised for guests. Since the carpet must blend in with the feel of the resort, many desert colours were used. Across the resort you will see red, brown and yellow coloured carpets with simple designs so that it blends in with the horizon.

Fraser Suites, Riyadh is the epitome of modern art from the outside. The architecture is like nothing you’ve seen before. This is why the geometric designed carpets were the perfect fit to suit the modern design of the structure. On the other hand, Marsa Malaz Kempinsky, The Pearl – Doha is the complete opposite. The structure is traditional Islamic architecture on the outside and modern westernised interiors. Thus, the carpets are a blend of vintage and modern fusion across the hotel. The Emirates Pearl Group is a corporation that houses real estate, construction, trading and other businesses across various industries under one roof. The carpets that are present in corporate spaces are subtle and professional. Classy modern designs with luxurious fabric reflects the image of the Emirates Pearl Group.

Other office spaces including the AD Accountability HQ, Abu Dhabi have similar designs. Hotels like Langham, Dubai, Shaza Hotel, Muscat, Movenpick Tower, Riyadh and Millenium Hotel, Saudi Arabia are few of the many other prestigious clients in the UAE that have graced Carpet Couture.

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