Five ways to style your living room with these dhurrie carpets to look like a dream

When we have guests over, the first impression we want to make is a great one. Especially since it’s the room we crash in after a tiring day at work, entertain guests, and binge-watch the latest TV shows in, and so much more. We pretty much make all of our memories in the living room, which is why we should rev up the decor to reflect our impeccable interior style. If adding one item to the living room could make it look spacious, then a dhurrie rug is the way to go.

The right rug can harmonize your interior decoration, your couch, coffee table and your space. What’s more, it can pull all of your accent colours together, add pattern to a neutral colour palette or soften hard edges in a contemporary room. Here are five ways you can pick out a durries’ carpet that will make your living room look like a dream.

  1. Pop of colour

carpets for living room

Not all of us have a penchant for decorating our living room to resemble a rainbow, without having it look like a unicorn just ran across the room. But to those of you who do, hat’s off to you. Balance out the colours of the interior by picking out a dhurrie with a lighter tone, so it doesn’t look overwhelming.

  1. Cosy up naturally

When you’re looking for comfort, sticking to lighter and natural colours like whites and creams work wonders. By unifying the space with natural textures in contrast to a bright white dhurrie rug, the area feels in sync with a more relaxing vibe. It also adds an unexpected yet welcoming look.

  1. Cover up the florals

For a boho-vintage vibe, a floral wallpaper may be the perfect choice, but trouble arises when we need to match a dhurrie rug to go with it. Mix it up with soft textures and soothing colour palettes, create a space that appeals to your free-spirited side.

  1. Abstract statement

rugs for living room

When you want to accentuate your décor with a simple yet sophisticated dhurrie rug, black and white can never go wrong. Go for geometric shapes or a vivid pop, and there is plenty you can do with these two shades. You’ll see that it not only is effortless but also adds more drama to the space.

  1. Keep it simple

carpets for home

A minimalist décor doesn’t always have to mean decorating with less, and you can go all-in with this style. Pick a dhurrie rug with a tribal print to make a statement and use it to liven up the space at the same time. Give your living room a makeover by easily building your colour scheme around the rug.

And there are plenty more ways to style your living room around your dhurrie rug, but we want to know which is your favourite. Or maybe you’re thinking of a completely different way to go, and we would want to know about that too.

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