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From cribs to floor beds and carpets

As infants grow into crawlers and toddlers, babies strive to get out of their cribs and crawl on the floor, walk about and enjoy every bit of their newly found freedom after months of bondage in laps and cribs. So its high time for parents to just let them be. But the parents’ constant worry is to prevent them from falling and slipping on the hard floor underneath, and be vigilant about their kids” movements.

Floor beds are an ideal solution for these tiny tots. However, a carpet laid out with a floor bed makes a terrific combo, the kids can spend time on their floor bed which could simply be two fluffy mattresses laid on top of each other to give babies their extra comfort and warmth. And whenever the baby wishes to leave his bed, then he can just get down on the rug and play about or just hang in there. There are loads of types of carpets available for kids from wall to wall to scatter types, brightly colored to lighter shades, stain proof ones etc.

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