Carpet Couture by Rashi

Furnishing tips for cold and dark rooms

Woollen carpets add a sense of warmth to cold interiors, and if your accommodation has abundant sun light it make the inmates feel warm psychologically. Basements can be a challenge when it comes to coping with cold and humid conditions or floods and humidity. They are typically chillier and damper than the upper level homes. Carpets add warmth, and subdue noise and echoes. Large rugs are a must for kids’ room and play zones to muffle sounds and prevent slips. Nothing like digging your feet into a toasty shaggy textured rug on dull afternoon with your favourite book in hand!

Flooring truly matters! Brightly colored drapes and carpets with a rich pile add life to a cold, dull, boring and sparsely furnished room. You can go for a light colored wall to wall carpet and glam it up with some gorgeous scatter rugs! Also swarovski studded carpets add a lot of appeal to a drab room.

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