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Give your room a makeover with these contemporary rugs

We get tired of the old aesthetics of the room, and one needs to do the makeover keeping in mind, the ever-changing trends. If the same old vanilla furniture is making you feel drowsy; it is time to ring the bell for a makeover! We at Carpet Couture are a quick fix for your room requisites.

Quirk up your space, and watch the beautiful colour tones that bring life to your room! Be it a studio room, or a living room, we can turn a bare corner into a whimsical, lively area. Let’s find the best designs along with the hacks to a modern solution.


The tropical style is always a feast to the eyes, so refreshing! The vibrant colours, the pine and the florals look soothing and will keep you energetic throughout the day. Pick the right hues for yourself to match the aesthetics of the furniture. The artsy cushions can refresh the whole look.

  1. Gold accents are #FOREVERFAVOURITES!

We can never get enough of the touch of gold that adds to the majestic nature to the entire space. The subtle mix of brushed gold colour dwells with the neutral patterns, and gives a magnificent metal finish!

  1. Minimalistic yet thoughtful!

White and Black speak volumes, indeed! The contrasting pair of colour balances out the indoors and the outdoors. It makes sure that the people who are residing in that room stays calm and composed at all times.

contemporary rugs for living room

  1. Fun & Fiesty – Stripes and Ikkat

Experiment with the funky stripes and ikkat combo will give maximum versatility. Select these rugs from the pool of pastel colours, with a hint of exquisite patterns. Lines can be a bit boring; therefore, we have added a fun element, i.e., IKKAT to amplify the entire look.

Nope, you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to get a dreamy room! Follow these easy hacks and get a new makeover this weekend. Let us know in the comments down below, which #RugTrend is your favorite?

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