PET Carpets

Go Green This Diwali With Carpet Couture

One of the biggest Indian festivals is just around the corner. Diwali, the beautiful festival of lights. It adds to the beauty of everything in the city. The decorations, gifts and new home décor brings joy to all households. However, in the past few years, we’ve been experiencing a major climate crisis and our planet is struggling to maintain sustainability. As consumers and homeowners, a large amount of people have realised that there’s a responsibility toward the planet, and are opting for more sustainable living. In small ways, we can reduce the damage that we cause to the environment. We are now aware of ways in which we can reduce our carbon emission and other kinds of waste. We make cautious choices when it comes to buying new products and opt for recycled, biodegradable items, and at the same time try to recycle our home items when we are done with its use.

No Harmful Chemicals

Carpet Couture brings you decorative carpets that are eco-friendly so that your festival is glorious as well as unharming to nature. The woollen and cotton carpets are made from natural renewable resources, and not from harmful synthetic chemicals. There are no greenhouse gas emissions that harm the planet in the manufacturing process which makes it the right environment friendly choice for your home. It can be cleaned easily with just cold water since there are no harmful chemicals and is completely natural.

Recyclable Carpets

Carpet Couture has also started making recycled carpets from PET plastic. The plastic collected is broken down into its natural form of polyester fibre. This fibre is used to make new carpets that are tasteful and aesthetic. Wealth from waste is what it turns out to be! This way the plastic doesn’t land up in the ocean or another landfill, but in your living room in the most elegant manner. A carpet from Carpet Couture is impeccable in taste and durable in nature. It will remain in your home for a long time and you will be proud that in your small personal way, you made an informed decision that helped reduce waste and save the planet one act at a time.

Skill and Passion

The artisans of Carpet Couture are some of the most skilled ones in the country, and manufacture the carpets with the utmost dedication and hard work. The carpets are soft, cosy, elegant and will complete your home. Through the export of these carpets, environment friendly carpets are promoted on a global platform as well. With the manufacturing of environment friendly carpets as well as the recycling of old carpets, there comes a feeling of pride knowing that the correct decision has been made. As consumers, you too can be proud and satisfied when you choose environment friendly home décor. It’s time for all to be a part of this journey to revive the planet. Diwali marks the return of Ram, and the celebrations across Ayodhya. It is celebrated today across India with the same fervour. During these festivities, we mustn’t forget that God and Nature are one, and it is our responsibility to make the correct choices that won’t be harmful to our ecosystem.

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