Hand Knotted Carpets In India

The dazzling Indian handmade Carpet industry takes pride in the expertise of providing Handknotted woolen carpets to the customers worldwide. Opulent and classy by nature, Indian hand knotted rugs are the most desired among worldwide customers. The handknotted carpets are much-admired for their outstanding craftsmanship by the clients. Hand knotted carpets have long lasting luster, effortlessly settle on the desired spot, have a feathery- soft feel, excellent quality, are simple to clean and maintain and can be personalized.

These Handknotted Carpets are made in wool pile. The wool that is used  for manufacturing Carpets are (Indian) Bikaner Wool, 100% Newzealand wool  and Blended wool (Indian wool and New Zealand wool). These 100% Newzealand woolen Rugs gives the utmost sheen and softness. Bhadohi famously known as the Carpet City is the address of the biggest hand-knotted carpet weaving manufacturing hub in South Asia.

Handknotted Rugs are generally made in Cut pile but loop pile can also be made. The skillful craftsmen instill charisma and splendor in the yarns as they toil hard to craft these lavish floor carpets. Moreover, these can also be custom-made as per the requirements of customers.

Hand knotting procedure entails stretching of warp threads on the loom. And then the knotting of pile is done. The weft thread is then introduced. Later on, the pile is trimmed. Excellent Quality hand knotted carpets are identified by their tight knots and short pile.

When you purchase a hand-knotted carpet, it implies that an accomplished and experienced weaver in isolation tied every knot, thus producing an exceptional handmade rug. This is exactly what makes these hand-knotted carpets so unique and much more costly than all other varieties of area rugs. There is Variation in density of knots in each square inch (50 – 160 knots per inch is the usual count , 400knots per square inch is noteworthy) and therefore it can take more than a year for one carpet  weaver to finish a 9×12 rug.

Hand-knotted rugs can endure high traffic and will only begin to wear out after many years of use- could be twenty years or more. High traffic areas would be hallways, foyer areas, family lounge and entrance way. Lesser traffic areas would include the dining-space and home office. Bedrooms and formal living room are included in the lowest traffic areas.

Such exquisitely Hand knotted carpets are truly the Indian trademark!

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