Heard of Bamboo Silk Rugs and Carpet

When we think of adding some luxuries to our home, handmade rugs are one of the instant options that come to our minds. You already have an image as to which kind of carpet you need, what will be the color, or what patterns you need it. One thing that is tough to decide is what kind of material will serve the best. Which material will last long while does not require much care? One thing that is you are sure of is you need an aesthetic rug that looks appealing. We have got just the right material for you, Bamboo silk.

Silk is the symbol of luxury. Silk has been used to produce luxury carpets for ages but it does not fall in everyone’s budget. Do you know that silk can be extracted from bamboo also? Well, bamboo silk is gaining popularity amongst people because it is affordable and long-lasting. The rugs made from this material come in a wide variety that goes well with every kind of interior. Let’s have a deep look at the material.

What actually is Bamboo silk?

Bamboo silk is a viscose material extracted from bamboo stalks. It is considered to be a renewable resource that is very easy to grow. Adding to your amazement, these fibers can grow up to 23 meters in a year. The best part is this material is eco-friendly and does not require replanting again and again. The silk obtained is lightweight and soft.

Amazing features of Bamboo silk:

  1. Easy to clean: Rugs add to the beauty of the home but when it comes to cleaning, it’s a real struggle. People like Bamboo silk rugs as they do not require much effort while cleaning. Once in a while, you can clean it with a mixture of lukewarm water and shampoo or soda. Also, you can give it to professional cleaners at least once a year. Avoid scrubbing as it weakens the fibers making them shed easily.


  1. It is long-lasting: Everyone wants a rug that is durable and rugs made out of bamboo silk solve this purpose due to the fact that they are made up of high-quality fibers. We would recommend you to go with a rug which is a blend of cotton and bamboo silk as it makes the material last long.


  1. Versatile colors: Versatility is one of the best features of Bamboo rugs. It comes in various designs and colors. It can withstand the process of dying from chemical as well as natural dyes. These can be molded in any shape.


The difference between bamboo silk and traditional silk: The silk obtained from both methods has to undergo the same process which is removal, drying, and ejection. The difference lies in obtaining the silk. Bamboo silk is obtained from the bamboo stalks whereas traditional silk is obtained from the silk moth’s saliva. The silk obtained from both methods is soft but the traditional method requires a long period of production and moths even die in this case.

Bamboo silk rugs are an amazing choice as these serve amazing features however to enjoy the elegance for a longer time you need to take care of the material’s do’s and don’ts.

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