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How R PET single-use plastic is the new decor promoting sustainability

There comes a time when all inhabitants of mother earth need to stand together for a common cause. The time is now, and the cause is sustainable living. We all have knowledge in bits and pieces as to what sustainable living is and different means of attaining it. Plastic is killing the environment and all consumers use plastic in its most common form i.e. polyethylene terephthalate or in lay man’s term; PET plastic. Almost all urban households will have PET plastic in the form of bottles and containers holding everything from aerated drinks and mouthwash to shampoo and chocolate sauce. This plastic is dangerous since it is meant for a single use and then tossed away. However, waste is only waste if it is not segregated and treated. When all these PET plastic products are collected and recycled, you’ll be surprised at the transformation.

Crude oil and natural gas are treated to form a molten liquid, spun into fibres and then solidified to make PET plastic containers. This means that, if broken down to its natural form, plastic can be turned back into polyester fibre. We know that polyester fibre is used to make multiple home décor products like carpets, rugs and blankets. Our elegant and durable carpets at Carpet Couture are made from this recycled plastic, thus catering to our customers and the environment in the highest manner.

According to a research, manufacturers are able to recycle only 7% of PET plastic to create new PET plastic products. This is where the latest home décor ideas come in. It may not be easy to recycle plastic to create new plastic, but it’s surprisingly easy to create decorative and tasteful carpets, rugs and grocery bags from PET plastic that will add a green yet stylish touch to your home. We have a variety of carpets made from recycled plastic that serve all purposes in the household. You can decorate your living rooms, bedrooms, patios, bathrooms, hallways and foyers with the sophisticatedly styled carpets from Carpet Couture. Using these recycled carpets and rugs for homes will also reduce the amount of resources that need to be extracted to create new polyester textiles.

It will be wise for consumers to opt for these items since it will send out a positive message to companies who are making these sustainability efforts. As the market grows for recycled plastics, these companies will make profit, and will in turn invest more in recycling facilities. Since it’s a business, if they don’t make profit, they may cut down on these efforts and we definitely don’t want that for the environment. As part of this eco-system, we have a responsibility to value our resources and use them to their highest potential instead of creating more waste.

Instead of buying new products, we must be vigilant and decorate our homes with environment friendly carpets and rugs so that any negative impact on our planet is reduced in whatever small way we can. It may seem negligible but there are 7 billion people on the planet and if all do their bit, we’ll be witness to a major positive change. rPET or recycle PET is a step in the correct direction and is a revolution that is here to stay.

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