Broadloom carpet

How to choose a new Broadloom Carpet!

Once you have decided to go for a Broadloom Carpet, next you should be considering the following facts to make your purchase worthwhile-

Durability: While selecting a broadloom carpet for your room, ensure the carpet selected is sturdy, thick and can withstand a high volume of traffic and therefore last for many years and not lose its appeal or wear down easily. A flat carpet is preferred any day in lieu of a plush one.

Stain protection: We all know that it is a must to have your carpets protected from stains; nevertheless most people overlook this fact since there is more money involved in giving absolute stain protection to your Broadloom carpets. The treatment involves providing a protective coating around the fiber of the material used on the rug during the milling stage, while the other stain protection method involves spraying the protective chemical after the carpet is manufactured. The coating works as an excellent repellent against oily and non greasy stains and therefore easier to maintain. So always ensure you make a purchase which has the stain protection advantage especially if you have heavy traffic, kids or pets.

Woolen fabric: It is an ideal option for a broadloom carpet, despite its high cost. Woolen fibres are natural, chemical free and eco friendly. Also natural dyes are used in their production.

High pile: broadloom carpets with a high pile make a good choice for households interested in comfortable and snuggly carpets. It’s inviting and luxurious and feels like walking into a world of soothing memories especially for your family room or bedroom. Low pile carpets are not recommended for these areas as they lack in comfort and coziness expected in these zones! Low piles are preferable for families with medical issues like respiratory problems or allergies.

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