How to choose the right carpet for your home

With their softness, vibrant colours and beautiful texture, carpets add on to a feeling of warmth, comfort ability and protection to the floor; enhancing and transforming the look of your home. You can find multiple options but picking up the right carpet for your home requires some homework. It is not a rocket science rather you have to find answer to certain questions. Do you need a rug or a carpet? Where you have to place it? What is the colour of that place? Which material suits your home environment? We will help you in deciding the right carpet for your home.

  1. Your way of living matters: While choosing the carpet you should consider your family like if you have kids or pets in your home then search for hard-wearing carpets with twist cuts. While choosing carpet for bed room you can opt for a luxury touch carpet matching to the walls of your room. For dining area you can choose a carpet that can camouflage the spills and stains.
  2. Choose the right size: A carpet should neither be too small nor too large. Rather it should be of a size that fits in the defined area well. For instance, carpets for kid’s room should cover maximum area to protect them from falling off whereas in entrance area, a small mat for wiping feet will work.
  3. Choosing carpet material: Choosing the carpet material depends on the usage.

The best option is to use a combination of wool with art silk or real silk. Wool gives strength and resilience to carpets while art silk & real silk add the softness and shine to it.

  1. Choose the colour wisely: While you should consider the colour of your room first, you should know some facts too. Dark colours make room to look cozy whereas light colours make it appear large. You can opt a combination of both also.

Make sure to remain in budget and enjoy the softness under your feet.

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