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How to save your family heirloom from further damage?

A luxury carpet is nothing short of your most valued possession, the very birthright of your successive generations. A handmade silk or Oriental rug is a priceless piece to be treasured for generations! So it just makes complete sense when your masterpiece gets ruined in some way or the other, to seek assistance from an expert rather than self fixing the damaged piece of art even if it’s just a matter of few snags.
Engaging a professional may sound pricey, but it’s pretty much worth it especially when the timely repair of the damage can actually cost your rug. If we reflect carefully the customer is actually paying for the edification and skill of a specialist who is proficient enough to deliver the required services. Moreover the professionals are adequately equipped with the requisite tools, special gear needed to accomplish the task on hand.

The damage caused could be severe enough like burns, tears, odors, spills and hideous stains which require urgent attention and a do it yourself fix up would not yield the desired result, in fact could make matters worse! Carpet restoration is a part of the long journey of every luxury rug due to a certain amount of wear or depending on the scale of damage if any.

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