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Is it really worth to Skimp on your Broadloom Carpet Underlay?

“I hate wasting time or money and that happens all the time for no good reason, and then people save money by skimping on the important things”- Rick Baker

If you’re skeptical as to whether Broadloom carpet padding is a sensible investment, then think again! While carpet padding may perhaps sound like it merely makes flooring softer, its payback goes far beyond comfort. In fact, padding works as an added layer of protection for floors in high traffic zones and can extend the life span of your floors.

Should you invest in carpet padding for our broadloom Carpet?

Shopping for new Broadloom carpeting can be pretty challenging with a riot of colors, different textures and varying pile heights to choose from. There are numerous options to weigh up and styles to witness. As you purchase an outsized (broadloom) rug for your household, you can’t afford to forget to focus more on just the external facade. After all, what’s beneath your carpeting is essential as well.

Comfort and warmth are a few of the deciding features that Broadloom carpet shoppers look for when looking for carpets for bedroom, living room or any other space. Although carpeting materials and construction methods play a major role in saving energy and making your rugs comfy and warm, however a rug’s greatest attribute has a lot to do with its cushioning (padding). The padding that lies sandwiched between your carpets and the subfloor offers that comfortable spring underneath your feet, it also helps to shield your flooring and guard against stains and odors as an absorber.

Besides providing for your comfort, cushioning also provides extra structure firmness for your carpeting. It helps in reducing friction between the floor and the carpet above which can cause carpeting to separate away from its backing. Padding also helps rugs hold their right shape so that they don’t wrinkle, crumple or detach at the seams. Of course, failing to fix padding or using the wrong padding can even void your Broadloom Carpet’s warranty.

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