Catpet Couture

Know Your bits and pieces…..

Can you avoid choosing the wrong carpet as an amateur buyer? Carpet is normally a huge investment for most individuals therefore purchasing a new piece can be pretty overpowering, because there are umpteen options to choose from and accordingly decision is to be made. Here is a useful guide of do’s and don’ts to be followed while shopping for new rug to clad your home flooring.

Do find out about the yarn types, and determine which one would actually work best for you because its not about which fibre is the best. There is a huge variety of carpet fibers available in the market ranging from natural fibres like wool, silk, sisal, jute etc to synthetic carpets like nylon, polyester etc. Be certain about getting a thorough understanding of the distinctiveness and character of each yarn type, so that when you go plan to buy a rug, you can instantly filter your choice. Know about the various carpet styles, maintenance cost, stain and wear resistance, performance etc.

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