Area Rugs

Minimalist geometry defining art with area rugs

If you look closely at a carpet, you will see that it is not just a fancy rug meant to protect the floors, but a work of art, intricately crafted with love that adds to the marvel of the place. Up until now, we’ve always known carpets to be of one colour or possessing a floral design. Carpet Couture brings a whole new light to carpet designing with geometric designs. Our very own contribution to the fabulous world of carpet making. Geometric shapes are used to create beautiful designs that are soothing to the eye. The mesmerising alignment and fusion of the shapes reflect modern art, and is thus preferred by some of the biggest names in the hospitality industry across the globe. Carpet Couture has been successfully catering to the decor needs of The Luxury Hotel, New York, Courtyard by Marriott, Singapore, Park Royal, Singapore, Interlace, Singapore, Hyatt Regency, Jordan, The Four Seasons Hotel, Tunisia, Hotel Crystal Palace, Barmouth, Hotel 50 Bowery, New York, Majorelle at The Lowell, New York and Camp David, USA. These are just a few names of our global clients and the journey has only just begun.

The beauty that can be created out of geometric shapes is surprising. One may not believe that the lines and curves that were drawn in school could be the platform for some stunning home decor ideas. Creative thinking comes into play while still highlighting tradition. Our carpets perfectly display modern art blended magically with tradition through these geometric art designs.

In addition to the splendour, our carpets are preferred also because of the durability and sustainability. They are made from recycled PET plastic and are also recyclable thus causing no harm to the environment. Since it’s made from plastic, it’s moisture resistant and easy to clean which is a blessing for the hospitality industry. The geometric designs add a modern taste to the hotel which attracts young couples to hold their special dream weddings there. These hotels are perfect for destination weddings since they have traditional as well as modern decor. The Carpet Couture carpets are easy to clean, durable and spectacular to look at, and so the wedding party will leave with a ton of happy memories and glad at the choice they made.

The hospitality industry across the globe has started investing in carpets with a different mindset today. Earlier, it was for decoration and to protect the wooden flooring. Today, it is looked at as a work of art and a masterpiece for the floors. Hotels create a positioning in the minds of the customers based on their history, decor and marketing. Some come to be known as vintage with their Victorian or Caravan style while others come to be known as modern because of their choice of vibrant colours, abstract artifacts and showcases of modern art. The correct carpet will reflect the style and image of the hotel which is why it is looked at as a piece of art and not only a piece of decor.

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