Carpet Couture by Rashi

Nepalese handknotted carpets

Hand knotted Carpet are exquisite work of art from Nepal! Without any exaggeration they are apparently crafted by virtuosos! Exceptionally skilled and veteran hands make carpet dreams come true – with a very old technique. Every hand-woven Nepalese rug is a true work of art. Each and every step of fabrication is done with utmost care and dedication. The procedure and gear have remained almost the same since centuries. The materials used are of premium quality varying from the lanolin-rich to hand-spun Tibetan wool. The wool is hand carded in a single direction. Once carded the hand spun yarn is ready to be dyed. Calibration of the colours is done with the help of a spectrophotometer. The skilled dye-masters use daintily managed chrome dyes to develop the wool’s normal boldness and sheen, whilst preserving its colourfastness for generations to come. Before weaving begins the intended design details are drawn keeping the size in mind.

Each hand woven Nepalese carpet is woven on an erect loom, by means of the Tibetan Loop called Senneh knot. Once the weaving process is done, the rug is separated from the weaving loom for the trimming process. Through trimming the unnecessary fibres are discarded and the Tibetan scissors are used all over the rug to smoothen the pile and thus make the pattern surface. Trimming enhances the precision and novelty of the design. After trimming the rug go through a arduous washing procedure and then sundried for almost five days.

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