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New bedroom, new design with these luxury rugs

How great would it be if we woke up in the morning, and right when we were about to get out of bed, we could step onto a cloud? Would it not be the most amazing feeling if we had a rug that would be incredibly soft to walk on? Well, it would be just like the good old Bollywood movies (remember Om Shanti Om). This list of bedroom rug ideas is sure to get you all excited that early in the morning. Go ahead and check them out!

  1. Comfy is in

bedroom rugs

For those who look for comfort, then soft fibres like bamboo silk and silk area rugs would be a great purchase. With their velvety soft material, your feet would thank you every minute you stepped on it. And if you are the kind of person who worries about stains and most of the times end up eating in bed, then you should definitely go for these because they are very easy to clean.

  1. Striped gives length

If your bedroom isn’t as spacious as you might have wanted it to be, then adding stripes can help. A striped area rug can make the room longer, and you don’t even need to worry about the carpet not matching the colour scheme. What’s more, it is an excellent choice for your children’s bedroom or a college dorm room because they fit in with solid coloured walls too.

  1. Hand-knotted rugs

If you are looking for a rug that reflects quality, craftsmanship, and style, then hand-knotted rugs are your best bet. With intricate details and art that the trained artisans use to design the carpets through the labour-intensive weaving process, they are highly prized and valued. These rugs are hand-crafted and made of natural fabrics and dyes, which is why there are subtle variations in colour and design.

  1. Wall-to-wall carpet

wall to wall carpet

Those who are worried about the hardwood flooring in their bedroom can install a wall-to-wall carpet that will take up the whole room. You would need to select a carpet that is easy to clean because it might be a task if it covers the entire bedroom. The best thing about wall-to-wall carpets is that you won’t be stepping on cold floors first thing in the morning.

These are just some of the ways that you can use carpets and rugs to create a more homely space in a strange city or a new place. Go on, give them a try and let us know how you would do the same.

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