Pros and cons of Cut and Loop Style carpets

Different carpet styles show different behaviours when they are exposed to traffic.

Cut pile and Loop pile: If we talk about carpet performance or endurance to traffic, a lot of attention needs to be paid to the carpet type, the rugs could be manufactured with cut pile or loop pile or could be a combination of both – cut and loop pile. Cut piles are not highly preferred for high traffic areas as they show footprints and footmarks except for frieze styles-, loop piles perform better than cut piles.

Cut and Loop style: As with the majority of manufacturing techniques of carpets, cut and loop styled carpets are offered in different qualities, so the resilience, stability and the usual performance of the rug must be contemplated while picking on a cut and loop carpet as a suitable option for a definite area of an office or home.

Disadvantages of Cut and Loop Style carpets: There are more than a few disadvantages of cut and loop style. The major drawback to this style of carpet is its tendency to create a worn-out appearance caused by the cut fibres yielding or falling flat on top of the adjacent looped fibres, and in so doing obscure their flanking loops. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid use of a cut and loop in high-traffic areas such as common entertainment areas, reception areas, stairways, kids’ playrooms and corridors due to the weary appearance caused by high footfall.

Consequently, cut and loops are more suitable to areas with less to reasonable amount of traffic, for instance bedrooms, cellars, private studio etc.

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