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Buying carpets might be simple but maintaining them is not, they need constant care and protection from heat, stains, moths, termites etc. If the damage is high, the cost of repair can be daunting. Ensuring timely repair of carpets’ tears, holes, or stain not only restores its artistic worth, but perhaps it may also prevent additional damage to your luxurious rug. A lot of people can try to fix the damage individually, while others may well turn to a specialized person to guarantee the greatest results. Use your due diligence to see if the damage can be tackled on your own or poses as a challenge that will indisputably be more than you can handle by yourself.

Do a thorough diagnosis of the damage and its causes, for example even if your carpet is slightly wet, inspects it thoroughly for any mold or any other growth caused due to the dampness and allow it to dry in the open air. Do not forget to chuck away any damaged items in the room which could make matters worse. Make sure the rug padding is also given the same treatment. Once dry, lay your rug on the floor and get it cleaned and then place it back in the designated area. Taking remedial measures can be relatively easily, but depending on the extent of the rug damage, they can be tricky and pricey to repair. Remember the cardinal rule caution is better than cure.

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