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Should you put a carpet in home with an asthma patient?

People are often confused that whether they should put a carpet in their home if any of their family member is asthmatic. A common myth that people still believe is that carpets are not good for asthma patients. They think that carpets hold more dust and allergens which are harmful for people suffering from asthma and allergy. But the fact is hard flooring allows dust and dirt to float in the air while carpets and rugs traps dirt and allergens in their fabric and do not allow them to float freely.

Asthma is mainly caused due to dust particles in the air and according to a study wall to wall carpets reduces the amount of dust in the air to a certain level. They bind dirt in them reducing their emission into the air thus preventing their inhalation by the asthmatic patients. Rugs for home serves as the best floor covering for asthma patients. Let us know which carpets are best for asthma and allergy patients.

Wool carpets have spiral structure and traps moisture particles, smoke, chemicals, deodorant particles and gases. These carpets are resistant to bacteria and mould. Being made from natural yarn, these hand-tufted carpets are perfect for asthma patients while adding on to the luxury feeling.

You can find other carpets which are a good option for asthma patients but you should also check which underlay and adhesives are used for placing the carpet. For asthma patients, you should opt for hypoallergenic underlays.

Do not forget to vacuum your carpets regularly to keep off excess dirt and dust to stick onto the carpet. You can also get it cleaned periodically professionally.

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