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Silk Carpets for discerning collectors!

Its aptly said “Silk Carpets are nothing short of a statement piece or a signature style that add a character to any space they adorn!”

Silk carpets are chiefly produced in India, Turkey and China. If we talk about texture, Carpets made from silk are very soft and luxurious. Silk has a very good absorbing characteristic (being an animal/ protein fibre) and therefore shows much better colorant uptake and also colour fastness of dyes. Moreover, it is more hard-wearing than any other fibre. For the simple reason that silk is expensive, the silk fibres are often blended with wool.

In terms of appearance, silk carpets have the utmost lustre and are the ultimate choice in terms of opulence, elegance and quality. Most luxurious yarns are used in the manufacture of these high end Silk carpets and rugs.

Silk carpets and rugs are usually customized and can be provided as wall to wall carpets or just loosely laid out rugs of any size, shape and any possible colour. Silk wares are the most magnificent ones, whether they are plain and in light colour tones or worked in exquisite patterns and different hues or alternatively crafted as per bespoken designs.

Silk rugs are an excellent choice for dedicated areas in Hotel interiors and act as a focal point. They can be used for furnishing Elegant Suites- Presidential and Queen Suites and other areas in the hotels. Once laid, silk carpets add a touch of luxury and glamour to these special areas. Silk rugs are truly classy, exquisitely beautiful, unique and mesmerising and a must have for plush hotels.

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