Carpet Couture

Simple DIY remedies to maintain your rugs

  • Always vacuum your carpet in the direction of the carpet pile/ nap and not vice versa.

  • At all times vacuum with lower point suction, and except for a bag less vacuum machine, try to use a brand new bag.
  • Vacuum your rug regularly to prevent dust from setting in the pile.
  • Always avoid direct sunlight on your carpet to avoid fading.
  • Fine carpets need a constant flow of air to breathe. They frequently rot or get infested with mildew if enclosed in plastic. It is suggested to rather wrap them in a cotton sheet.
  • Indulge in professional carpet cleaning at least once a year.
  • Make use of professional scissors to trim the sprouts rather than pulling them away, as it will pull out other fibres as well.
  • Get rid of heavy furniture depressions by rubbing the affected area with a metallic disc shaped object like a coin, coaster etc.
  • Using an excellent rug pad can actually double the life of a rug. Particularly in heavy traffic areas, substantial padding protects excessive wearing of the carpets.
  • Incase of extreme water damage, seek advice from professional rug cleaners to dry the carpet on both the sides.

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