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Tabriz Carpets

Wool Carpets woven in Tabriz are best known by their detailed weaving techniques and employ of premium resources, colours and distinctive patterns. Tabriz carpet industry plays a significant role in re-stimulating the custom of carpet weaving after a long interlude of decline due to political disturbances and the introduction of synthetic/chemical dyes also negatively impacted the Persian carpet industry.

An Iranian or Persian carpet has been very popular worldwide for a wide variety of useful and representational purposes. These high end rugs woven by the rural districts and different tribes of Iran are famous for their superior quality wool, stunning and impressive colours, and explicit conventional patterns.
Carpet industry is a vital element of the Persian art and Culture. If we think about the entire collection of Oriental carpets or even Islamic carpets created, the Persian carpets are unique, known for their diversity and magnificence of their various fine designs.

Persian carpets and rugs of diverse styles were woven by the native tribes in the rustic community and urban workshops. The Nomads and small village artisans produce rugs with bold and crude patterns that are considered as the most genuine and conventional rugs of Persia. They signify varied, synchronized lines of folklore and narrate the very history of Iran and its masses. In the contemporary production, conventional dyeing with the natural dyes and customary tribal patterns have been introduced. Some regions produce rugs that boast of their palette of numerous colours and startling designs, and are decidedly valued and kept for exhibit in museums or appreciated by many private collectors today.

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