The First Lady of Carpet

Similar to a lot of other productions, the carpet production had a fairly simple and humble establishment.
In the year 1890, a very talented lady called Catherine Evans from Dalton, started making bedspreads with tufting technique and gifted her art work amongst family and friends. The exquisitely talented lady Evans did not buy yarn to make these bedspreads but used her own homespun yarn.Catherine Evans
She worked magic with the yarn and even gave the bedspreads chenille like bumpy soft appearance. Subsequently, she treated the bedspreads with boiled water several times so the framework would shrivel up and clutch onto the yarn, keeping it firmly in place.
Before long the community people became fascinated with her bedspreads and a market emerged for her bedspreads. The only concern she faced was that the demand was huge and she singlehandedly could not meet up with it and that’s when she decided to teach people how to make the tufted patterns. Gradually her business expanded and she started selling her stuff on a larger scale in the bigger markets.
All through the next few years, the production continued growing and the industry kept developing. As years progressed, the market became more competitive, which helped the tufting industry to flourish. In the year of 1917 she, started her own company under which she sold her produce. Once the company was launched there was no looking back. In years to come, the carpet industry employed her tufting skills and this gave birth to the tufted carpets. Many companies joined the bandwagon and started producing rugs and carpets.

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